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Phase II and III

At Catalyst we take a high-quality, teamwork approach to protocol design, trial management and quality assurance programs. This approach provides continuity throughout the trial for our clients. The individual attention each client receives from a project-dedicated study manager complements our approach. We have great pride in our study managers and clinical support staff who have many years of experience and work diligently to meet our clients' needs and the needs of our clinical sites.

Site Selection and Oversight

Dictated by your protocol requirements, guided by opinion leaders' recommendations and defined by the sponsor's needs, the Catalyst team identifies and recruits clinical trial sites that offer important strategic advantages in medical expertise, patient recruitment, and technology utilization. Each clinical research site in our database is annually reviewed to ensure they meet our strict criteria of GCP quality, staffing and capabilities. Training is the key to our approach in reducing intra- and inter-site variation in protocol performance and patient data.

Clinical Site Monitoring

Communication is the key to successful site monitoring. Our Clinical Research Associates create a thorough "data-focused" monitoring plan prior to launch that is driven by the latest information technology tools. This ensures clear, accurate, global communication across the project team. Catalyst "data-focused" monitoring reduces data queries, eliminates non-productive site travel, and cuts monitor head count while improving data quality from start to finish.

Through our UK based project management team Adept LTD, we can bridge the project management service offering of Catalyst to EU and UK deployed clinical development programs for our clients. This provides our clinical investigators in the EU and UK with "real time" clinical trial management project team, an essential element to assure proper project support, management and reporting.

Safety Surveillance

The safety of each drug product is a major concern to every sponsor, the regulatory agencies, as well as the general public. It is also Catalyst's first priority in every clinical trial we conduct. Our safety surveillance processes provide 24/7 notification and medical oversight in support of your clinical trial. In addition, we organize and manage Data And Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMBs) and Clinical Event Committees (CECs) to keep a diligent eye on your trial's safety.